About Yacht Charter Options

YACHT CHARTER OPTIONS International situated in Cape Town, provides a very personalised service to guests going on a yacht charter in destinations throughout the world. We specialise in yacht charter planning with a combined knowledge and experience in the various types of boats, charter destinations and general ‘how to’, enabling us to really help, advise and guide guests looking at turning their dream charter holiday into a reality.

What We Do

At Yacht Charter Options International, we assist prospective yacht charter customers to choose the best option for the boat they will charter on and the destination best suited for their plans. Surfing the web can produce so many variables for yacht charter that it becomes a daunting and confusing task but we are here to keep this all clear.
Whether looking for sail or power, big or small, the Mediterranean or the Caribbean for your yacht charter, we can present the most suitable options available on almost anything and almost anywhere, to suit your budget and tailor-make an itinerary to get the best possible experience for you on your yacht charter.

How We Charge - Well, WE DON't!

We do not charge the charter customer anything for the services we provide but rather, by representing boat owners or agencies interests worldwide, we earn a commission from them for every booking. Most importantly, in our capacity as an agency, we are able to negotiate the best rates on behalf of the charter customer, saving them money. Booking directly online would cost exactly the same and sometimes even more but without the peace of mind given through our support and guidance.

All we ask from our customers is that they do book their yacht charter through us should they decide to go ahead. It costs nothing more!

Julie has 30+ years in travel, and also offers Island Holiday packages to the Indian Ocean Islands – enquire for more.