The Bahamas are situated southeast of Florida, off the US coast, the Bahamas have become a sought after destination for charters with the more than 700 islands, both sprawling and shallow, rising from the sea and their surrounding reefs, together with the delightful local island culture, all create the attraction. Sail to Great Abaco Island, circled by a number of smaller islands and home to picturesque colonial towns. Sails of all shapes and sizes dot the Sea of Abaco but under the water, the walls of coral and huge schools of tropical fish create incredible diving and snorkeling experiences.

The ‘trade winds’ cool the warm days and allow for awesome and easy sailing lending to the region’s popularity as a sailing destination.
Countless activities, from visiting historic sites to snorkeling to taste testing local dishes, will fill your days with unforgettable memories.

Fair winds with a peaceful sea are usually the conditions when cruising through the Bahamas but during the winter months, the breeze cools and a stronger wind fills the sails of cruising yachts.
Routes usually consist of short passages and line-of-sight navigation making for a tranquil trip for beginner sailors through to the experienced who just want to soak it all in. It can be a challenge in the shallower waters where it is necessary to take note of the tidal range, but you learn fast when you are the captain of the ship!
The area is also ideal for families and groups of friends in search of a pleasant cruising experience in an amazing natural setting.

Balmy weather can be found in the summer months surrounding July and August while cooling temperatures can reach the low 60s between December and February. 

Highlights are the gentle trade winds, the serene beaches or the picturesque villages, but the islands of the Abacos have an appeal that brings travelers from across the sea, back again and again. Sailor fall in love with the nautical ambience and where ‘shoreside’ there is no lack of harbors and pleasant anchorages.

Places to visit

North of Marsh Harbor, surrounded by a jade-green sea, sits the scenic stretch of Green Turtle Cay. Anchoring at White Sound in Hope Town you will immediately feel the same draw to this area as Elbow Cay’s first residents did so many years ago. About 20 nautical miles south of Marsh Harbor, the Pelican Cays Land and Sea Park is a nature-lover’s paradise. At Little Harbor you might just choose to linger and enjoy the charms.

General Information

Surface: The total land area of the Bahamas is around 10,070 km sq.
Population: The population of the Bahamas is around 305,000. Africans comprise 85%25 of the population; Caucasians, 12%25. The remaining 3%25 are Asians and Hispanics.
System of government: Bahamas has a constitutional parliamentary democracy.
Capital: Nassau, with a population of around 180,000 inhabitants, is the capital city.
Religion: The dominant religion is Christianity with almost 80%25 of the population being Protestants.
Official Language: The official language of Bahamas is English; Creole is spoken among the Haitian immigrants.
Government: Bahamas has a constitutional parliamentary democracy.
Climate: Bahamas has a subtropical to tropical climate, moderated by the waters of Gulf Stream.
Units of measure and electricity: Bahamas follows the metric system of measurement and the official electricity unit is 110V, 60 Hz.
Time Zone: The standard time in Bahamas is GMT – 5.
Currency: Bahamian Dollar (BSD).
Travel documents required: Visas are necessary for travel to Bahamas.