Caribbean cruising….

Boat on a beautiful beachThis diverse and beautiful playground offers something for everyone and is well worth the effort of getting there for South African travellers.
From the BAHAMAS in the Northern region to ARUBA in the South, these islands all offer something special, different and  enough to keep you coming back year after year.

As a thought, most of our flights from here would go via Europe, so why not combine a warm and sunny charter in early December with some skiing in Europe on the return journey. This way you can miss the summer PEAK season in the islands, take advantage of the best rates, grab a great tan and end off in the snow.

We have a number of guests travelling to the BAHAMAS in December this year and the excitement is already mounting for them.
Catamarans being the boat of choice for this area, due to the vast shallow regions that need exploring, are abundant and we can offer a full range including power or sail.

Activities include big game fishing, scuba diving and snorkelling to just chilling on the many magnificent beaches. More developed than most other islands in the Caribbean, the Bahamas are a mixture of cosmopolitan resorts, upmarket marinas, bustling towns, endless beaches and picturesque anchorages.

The waters are warm and crystal clear all year round and May through to November are said to be the best time to visit.

March and April are pretty wild with Spring Break in the USA, permanent parties and antics by holiday makes and unless this is what you are looking for, best to be avoided. Ideally June and July, is the most highly recommended time to visit. Hurricane season starts rolling in at the end of July so our school and Varsity holidays fit perfectly for end June into July booking, or end November into Mid-December. Peak season hits mid-December until almost February when places are pretty busy and prices are elevated.

Another option nearby is the exotic CUBA for which we get more and more enquiries daily. This wild and exciting place is a must to visit and has to be added to your bucket list. Definitely worth the distance and effort to get there, with the sound of salsa music always in the background somewhere, the beautifully hospitable nature of the locals and out of this world scenery!

Places to visit in CUBA must include HAVANA and ARCHIPELAGO DEL REY.

Hurricane season only starts at the end of July, which is again perfect for our June/July school and Varsity holidays, but November to March being most popular generally for holiday makers. December and January – especially around Christmas and New Year, are PEAK season, busy and more costly but a great time to be there with festivals to spice up your otherwise calm daytime activities.

This is one place I have to get to see for myself!

The U.S. VIRGIN ISLAND, found just off Puerto Rico, include the Leeward Islands, the famous St. Thomas and St. Croix islands and offer a total mix of activities from casinos to marine reserves. Deep-sea fishing, historical ruins, loads of history, golf, horse riding and beaches, beaches and beaches!

Temperatures hang around the 30º mark year round although September to November is hurricane time as well as rainy season. After November all the way through to April is perfect and March sees some of the best international Sailing Regatta’s taking place in these islands.

Why not chat to us about a RACING CHARTER before or after your family holiday charter as well. We have all the data.

The BRITISH VIRGIN ISLANDS are charter central in the Caribbean and from Tortola to Virgin Gorda offer amazingly interesting volcanic shorelines, coves and anchorages.

Gentle trade winds blow through these islands allowing for great sailing, cooling off the otherwise stifling temperatures and wonderfully flat seas. No wonder this is the most popular charter destination in the world.

September through to November and March to May are the best times to visit and take advantage of great prices.

December to February are perfect but more costly due to peak season.

June, July and August are very hot, mid summer and some places even close over this time.

ANTIGUA boasts places such as the famous ENGLISH HARBOUR and BARBUDA which are a must to visit. This old fashioned classic harbour, steeped in history, together with the volumes of wrecks for diving and snorkelling, ensure every day will be full and exciting.

COCO POINT Beach is another place not to be missed and generally the waters here are known for their luminescent turquoise colours.

RACING CHARTERS are ideal here during APRIL each year with both the ‘Antigua Classic’ and ‘Antigua Sailing Week’. A very busy time on the Islands but the best sailing regatta memories to be part of for sure.

If you are looking for charter peace, then avoid April.

Christmas and Easter are wonderfully festive times as well as the end of JULY when the locals hold a week long festival.

Any time from May through to November, is the best time for great prices, cooler temperatures and least rain.

December to April are ideal, but much busier and prices are elevated.

August, September and October can get iffy with the weather so all in all, another great choice for our July or December travellers.

I could keep going, as this is just a small portion of what is available in the Caribbean, but I think this is enough to stimulate the travel bug.

In short –

  • The CARIBBEAN is ideal for either June, July holidays or December, January holidays for us, and will have the most suitable venue to fit your needs.
  • RACING CHARTER is a great consideration for this area. Charter a boat with a team of buddies and participate in something amazing, then cruise the islands for a while afterwards, or before, with your family.

We can help you with all of the above so give us a shout.