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CATAMRAN vs MONOHULL: Which one is for you?

So you’ve taken the plunge and decided its time to go on your sailing holiday! Of course, there are many factors involved in deciding what how to tailor your charter to suit your needs and wishes, but one of the most important decisions is whether to charter a catamaran versus a monohull yacht. In this article we outline the perks and downsides to each options, to help you assess which is the better yacht choice for your trip.



When one thinks of a classic yacht charter, a monohull is generally what springs to mind. Monohulls are normally better suited to your more eager sailor, as they perform better in stronger winds than catamarans. As they only have one hull, they also slice through the water with more ease when sailing, which can provide a smoother ride whilst underway. That said though, when on anchor, the single hull can mean that these yachts are less stable and more prone to rocking. There are plenty more monohulls available in most destinations, with a large array of size options available – this means that prices are much lower and more affordable due to the high supply of these yachts. One downside to the charter of a monohull, is that they are smaller than catamarans and can lack space. Nevertheless, monohulls are perfect for your smaller families and groups friends who are budget conscious and who don’t necessarily need much space.



Catamarans are becoming increasingly popular in yacht charter holidays. There are many perks to chartering a catamaran over a monohull which is why their demand is on the rise. Catamarans are fantastic for larger families and groups as they are more spacious than their monohulled counterparts. As they have two hulls, the not only have more interior space, but there is more deck space on which to chill and relax on whilst sipping that ice cold G&T. For those that are prone to dreaded sea sickness, cats are ideal as they are far more stable when on anchor. These yachts are family-friendly and provide much more comfort and easier docking and manoeuvrability. Unfortunately, as catamarans are in less abundance than monohulls, they are fairly more expensive. However, this cost can be offset when sharing your charter with another family or friends as you can split the cost. Another major perk to chartering a catamaran, is that they have a shallower draft, meaning that they have opened the doors to new adventure as they can travel into much shallower water and areas that were previously off limits. The Seychelles is a stellar example, as the incredibly beautiful shallow reefs surrounding the islands means that one can only charter catamarans there.


Hopefully, this has provided some clarity as to which is the better yacht option for you. Whether you decide to charter a catamaran or a monohull, there is always an option that will suit your needs. Whether it is space and luxury that are a priority for you, or whether your budget is your main concern, we like to think that catamarans and monohulls are both winners and whichever route you choose your sailing holiday will be one to remember. If you have any questions or would like to see which size and price yacht options are available in your destination of choice email and we will give you the answers you are looking for.