Charter Planning Program Timing

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Charter Planning Program TimingThe following is a rough guide for timing when you are considering a charter holiday. This obviously will vary for each person but gives some ideas of what to keep in mind. There are often the ‘LATE SPECIALS’ or ‘LAST MINUTE OFFERS’ which can be awesome deals but then you have to be ready with passports, visa’s & hope to get flights. Certainly in popular destinations, it is wise to plan and book well in advance, even longer than what is stated below, otherwise there is a good chance you just wont get a boat, or perhaps not the one you ideally want. Advance booking allows for all sorts of discounts, and we can take advantage of this because all suppliers like to know they are booked out ahead of time.

  • 1 year plus – decide to book a charter
  • 1 year to 6 months – actively look at options
  • 6 months – decide on venue and dates
  • 6 to 3 months – confirm boat and booking – pay deposit
  • 6 to 3 months – book flights and arrange visa’s
  • 3 months to 1 month – confirm land arrangements and pay balances
  • 1 month – do happy dance while packing very small bag with cozie and sun cream

Some points to please keep in mind

  • the earlier you book
    • the cheaper the boat
    • the cheaper the flights
    • the more chance you have of getting the boat you want
    • the more ammunition YCOi has of negotiating better discounts for you
    • the more choice you have for land arrangements
    • the more opportunity you have for chatting with us at YCOi about all the details
  • visa’s require time
    • some destinations need more than one visa depending on the route you are travelling
    • travel agent partners can assist with ease when confirming flights
    • give yourself enough time for this
  • some venues require skipper qualifications
    • planning ahead can be a great incentive to get the ticket you have always planned to get
    • advance warning allows you time to add to or update existing qualifications

Other things from Yacht Charter Options International (YCOi), that help with the process

  • we don’t charge you for our services – not a cent, nada, niks – in fact we save you money
  • we earn a commission from the supplier, as our return
  • all charter companies automatically add an agents fee into their prices – whether there is one or not.
  • they don’t discount the price to you if there is no agent
  • by using YCOi we can use this as leverage to negotiate the rate on your behalf
  • you get the full benefit of our support, advice, service and input

if you find something on your own via the internet that you like the look of, let us in on the details so we can process it for you

  • we give you total peace of mind
  • you can pay for your charter through us and as registered offshore traders, we can buy you a better exchange rate, guaranteed
  • we help with all aspects relating to the booking
    • flight route suggestions
    • land arrangements
    • provisioning
    • skipper and crew requirements and qualifications
    • itinerary ideas and details
    • local contacts and support
    • what to do and not to do
    • what to pack
    • etcetera etcetera

ALL we ask from you in return is

  • through all the processing and assistance, when you do go ahead and book, to please do it through us,
  • to please LIKE us on FaceBook and
  • share, share and share

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