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Chartering in the Indian Ocean…


These beautiful & convenient destinations for South African customers include the wonderful islands of –
Seychelles, Mauritius, Madagascar, Maldives, Zanzibar as well as Mozambique.

Seychelles, the best suited for charter and the most popular for a number of reasons, is quick and easy to get to for a start, is ‘base’ to a number of charter fleets (from small privately owned fleets to larger international and well known fleets) side by side with many privately owned yachts and Super Yachts – all available for charter. Through the range, prices can vary dramatically, depending also on the services and the inclusions provided by each. Seychelles boasts a number of islands all in close proximity to suit a 7 to 14 day charter, with plenty of bays, beaches and new spots to explore, drop anchor and when necessary, escape wind or choppy waters. Easy sailing, great fishing, superb climate, friendly locals and great value for money all add to the reasons why this is the perfect place to consider.

Madagascar charter differs totally in that trips are almost always ‘fully inclusive’ and ‘fully crewed’. Packages usually ‘include’ flights from SA, transfers to and from the boats, crew who handle everything, meals and drinks as well as expeditions to all the ‘must see places’ in the area. A totally different experience to Seychelles but a fantastic way to charter without missing out on anything local, being totally spoilt and really relaxing while absorbing this very special place. Boats and facilities are more limited here making this quite a unique experience and one that needs to be planned ahead and tailored to your specific ideas.

Maldives is a little more difficult to reach but magnificent if you are perhaps considering a surfing or more water sports orientated charter. With ideal waves, winds and top class specialty charters, a little more costly but superb for something special and ideal with a group of mates or families. Standard ‘yacht charter’ is also limited here as most charters are these ‘speciality’ cruises but we can certainly look into this for you.

Zanzibar, Mauritius and other Indian Ocean destinations are always a fantastic options, easy to reach and really beautiful places to charter. Fleets and boats are far more limited and most charters are planned and developed around the customer’s particular requirements and requests. None of these have the vast number of islands to explore but spending time on these beautiful islands is just perfect. Mauritius for example is ideally suited to a land based ‘combination’ charter holiday rather than purely charter based as the time can be split between the two to make the most of your holiday.

For all of these, please feel free to chat to us and we can certainly assess and advise on what we feel would be the most suitable for you.