Greece was our top JULY holiday destination for S.A. guests…

August will still see a bunch of S.A. guests heading off to Greece for their holidays but those that went during July, have come back full of stories, ideas for next time, helpful hints to share with me, and ultimately you, but also revived and full of the joys of spring!

Previously we chatted about the various areas to charter in Greece, but as a recap:

  • Western shores of the IONIANS include Corfu, Lefkas, Vounaki
  • The SARONICS include Athens, Lavrion & Poros
  • The SPORADES on the Eastern shore include Skiathos and Skopelos
  • The CYCLADES in the centre of the Agean Sea cover Mykonos, Paros, Milos and more and
  • The DODECANESSE on the far eastern side against the Turkish shore includes Kos and Rhodes.

Featured Destination - GreeceJuly is not a great time for the CYCLADES as this is Meltami season and this wind howls through the centre of Greece making island hopping a little more challenging. For those experienced sailors looking to get all the cloth up and have some serious sailing, this is ideal.

However The Ionians are stunning with enough breeze in the open areas should you want it otherwise flat and calm, easy to manage and beautifully scenic.

Every one of our guests returning from that region had few words but BIG smiles and have put their names down for next year! That says it all.

A big attraction in Greece is FLOTILLA sailing which allows you to have your own private boat, with or without a skipper, but to travel as a group of yachts each day with a lead boat planning the days activities, on and off the water – and guiding you through the experience to take advantage of all the best opportunities. This allows you your own choices and lots of time during the days to do your thing and is the perfect choice for first time charterers, inexperienced sailors, families with kids who would like some interaction with others and those who wish to meet new like minded friends.

Our other guests that have just returned a few days ago, created their own ‘flotilla’ by gathering all their friends and family and booking 3 to 4 boats together. Having done this kind of charter myself, I can highly recommend it. Once again the feedback from VOUNAKI and LEFKAS region was ‘just amazing’.

The nice thing about chartering this way is you get to have your own boat but also have all your mates around, if you want peace and quiet, its easy to head off to your own boat, you can pile the kids on one boat to let them get rowdy while you sip G&T’s in peace while tied up just next door. Do your own thing or go exploring together etc. A comment someone made was that in a group, there is always someone on a buzz and this makes every day entertaining.

Our Kos and Rhodes groups are heading out as I write this so I will have their news for next time.

Generally GREECE has come back with fantastic remarks, constructive points to consider, great options, great facilities and boats and good pricing.

So don’t wait – it is never too early to book for 2015.