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Are you a group of 3 or less or perhaps just a couple that are looking for a dreamy sailing holiday away, but don’t have the budget for your own whole private yacht? Or maybe you want to meet and socialize with other like-minded travellers and want everything pre-planned for you? Then a cabin charter may just be the solution to all of your balmy, summer sailing daydreams!


A cabin charter does not necessarily mean that you are living onboard a large cruise liner-esque style boat with 100 other travellers – there is also the option of sharing a smaller, beautiful traditional gulet with 6 to 10 other guests. This is ideal as it gives you the perks of a cabin charter, socializing and sharing the expenses whilst being able to relax in peace onboard a yacht that is (nearly) all yours!


Gulet cabin charters are generally available in Croatia and Turkey, where these stunning wooden boats actually originate. These boats were first used by Turkish sponge-divers and fishermen to transport their daily catch. However, they have changed somewhat since then and are now kitted out with all of the necessities (and luxuries) to provide holidaymakers with the time of their lives. Nowadays, these yachts can accommodate between 5 and 20 guests onboard and have boat fully equipped galleys (kitchens), dining areas, a bar, entertainment areas, both indoors and outdoors on the deck. You will be able to lounge in the balmy sun on comfy cushions and sun loungers or read a book in one of the shaded outdoor areas. Some gulets even boast Jacuzzis for when you need a change from the salty Mediterranean seawater.


You will be able to choose from varying levels of luxury depending on what you want to get out of your sailing holiday. If you don’t mind sharing a bathroom, there are standard yachts that can give you great value for money.  You can also notch it up a bit luxury-wise and jump on board a more upmarket gulet, which will offer you ample cabin space, your own en-suite bathroom and is a cut above the standard in terms of luxury and comfort.


So, what is included in the price of this type of charter?


CREW: Cabin charters always come fully crewed, with a Skipper to navigate the boat to all of the best locations and so you do not miss out on any of the local highlights. The amount of actual sailing can vary from supplier to supplier, with some skippers priding themselves on even teaching you the art of sailing these beautiful vessels.


MEALS: You will also find a gourmet chef on board who will whip you up local alfresco meals. In gulet cabin charters you can normally expect that all most, if not all your meals are included in the price. That said though, if you are in port, feel free to hop off the gulet and treat yourself to a private candlelit dinner in the bustling Turkish or Croatian streets with your partner or friends. With regards to drinks, these are generally bought from a fully stocked and licensed bar onboard, which serves a wide selection of local soft drinks, ice-cold beers, wines and spirits at supermarket prices.


HOUSEKEEPING: There will be housekeeping crew on board to make sure your cabin is kept neat and tidy and that the entertainment areas are always up to scratch, meaning that all of the nitty gritty is taken out of your charter for you and you do not have to lift a finger.


WATER TOYS: If you feel like an active change from swimming in the warm Med sea, many gulets have water toys on board, such as kayaks, ringos, stand up paddle boards, snorkel gear and more. This varies from gulet to gulet though so make sure you check this before you book to avoid disappointment. Watersports, such as jet skiing, can sometimes also be available at an additional cost. These yachts also have dingies (small tenders), which can ferry you to and from the beautiful beaches if you do not feel like swimming off the side of boat.


Another great perk of cabin charters, is that they are often tailored to suit certain activities or interests. Are you a yoga fundi? There are plenty of gulet options that include instructors that will take classes out on the deck. Would you like to sample some local and traditional wines? Some cabin charters followed specialized wine routes, allowing guests to hop off and sample local wines in amongst the wines on local wine farms. There are plenty of specialized gulet charter options available to you if you don’t just want to relax and take in the scenery.


So what is the best part of these trips?


There are no hidden surprises – you know what is included upfront and it is paid for before you trip, so you know exactly what to expect! If a cabin charter sounds up your alley get in touch with us at


You tell us what you’re looking for and we’ll help you find it.