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Helpful hints – Provisioning

PROVISIONING      Where to begin and what to do?

There are a few options for provisioning your charter but if you haven’t experienced this before it can seem daunting, but we are here to help. There are different suggestions depending on your venue so there is no hard and fast rule.

Generally it is a good option to PRE ORDER before you arrive, with some suppliers having their own On-line Shops where you can sit in the comfort of your home, plan your shopping and have it all packed onto your boat and ready to go when you arrive.

Others have shopping lists for you to tick off, email back and again have ready to go for you on arrival

While others have pre-planned ‘packs’ already planned without having to select each item individually, such as breakfast packs etc.

Paying for these also options may also vary – some paid on line as you shop, some added to your charter bill and paid through us together with you charter fees while others are settled at the base by card or cash on arrival. Part of what we do is guide you through this, explain the details, help with payments and ensure that all the details and aspects are covered for you.

Hiring a ‘hostess’ does not necessarily mean that they do the shopping for you but rather only prepare the meals and it is important to confirm this up front. A hostess works with your preferences to plan your meals and look after you. Again we are here to help finailse these details.

What we can tell you is that in the Med, the best solution definitely seems to be to buy sufficient provisions upfront (whether it be online or through a list from your supplier) for the first 2 days at least. Don’t try and buy for the full period. Once you are there, settled into your boat and the routine of things, it is easy, fun and cost effective to visit the plentiful local fresh produce stores and markets to top up for the next few days or to shop day by day. This way you don’t have to rack your brain for what you might feel like eating a week down the line.

Generally in Greece, for example, this is an inexpensive way to shop and most things are easily found. Should you find yourself in some of the more exclusive marinas, your shopping bill make take a scary leap so do bare this in mind.

Naturally there is the option of shopping yourself when you arrive and this again depends on the venue. Most are convenient but others can be a downright hassle. Personally I like to do my own ‘whittle’ but would make the decision based upon the convenience of the particular base.

If you prefer to handle the process when you arrive, allow yourself a good few hours, plan ahead and just enjoy it. Personally I find this an added fun factor on any trip and a great insight into local customs.

Now if you are venturing to ‘far away’ islands – like The Seychelles for example, topping up along the way is not the ideal option. There are very limited places to shop (can also be expensive) and it is best to stock up with everything before you leave the main base. This can be done online as described above or in the local main island markets and shops. In places like this it is also a good idea to check your flight alcohol allowance and bring that along with you.

Other options for provisioning include suppliers offering ‘all inclusive’ or ‘full or half board’ packages. Most of the suppliers we use are prepared to mix it up and try to tailor exactly what it is that our customers want. This is best done through what we call our ‘preferences list’, which we will issue for you specifically. In this we cover all aspects related to likes, dislikes, wishes, ideas, allergies and medical considerations.

Whatever your options, with our help, you can be sure that you will travel with confidence. Its part of the service we offer.