The Hobie legend
 and new partnership with WILDWIND Adventures

The Hobie legend
 and new partnership with WILWIND Adventures
What person who loves water, whether it be sailing, surfing, kayaking, SUP or plain playing in water….doesn’t know the name HOBIE?

Belonging to the legend ‘Hobart Alter’ who very recently passed away after a long illness, leaving behind a incredible legacy of sailing fun, family fun, holiday fun, highly competitive fun and just good old fun.

Having designed one of the very first surf boards ever, to designing the Hobie Cat 14 & 16 (which remain largely unchanged even today), through to skateboards, snowboards, sailing boats and the highly competitive racing class F18 Hobies….leaving a lifestyle that has touched so many of our lives in some way.

Who has never sailed on a Hobie of sorts? Whether it be the ‘vrot’ old hotel resort boat or a borrowed family heirloom at the local club, but if you haven’t ever then you need to add this to your TO DO LIST.

Recently Yacht Charter Options teamed up with WILDWIND Adventures from Greece and now Mauritius, for a slightly different kind of sailing holiday to what we normally provide. Here you can stay in a hotel wile having access to (as part of your booking) a fleet of Hobie’s and dinghies that will knock your socks off, ripped RYA qualified instructors to teach and guide you and the crystal clear warm waters of either Mont Choisy, Mauritius or Lefkas, Greece.

If you are new to this way of life, take the kids along to learn to sail, teach the wife – or the hubby and experience the joys of sailing that has captured the hearts of sailors the world over.

As the official South African representatives for WILDWIND Adventures you can contact Tracy on 021 418 3147 and check out their website at (local site soon to be added)