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BALI is 6 hours ahead of South Africa.

Bali is so picturesque: rice paddies roll down hillsides, volcanoes soar through the clouds, the forests are lush and tropical, the beaches are lapped by the warm waters of the Indian Ocean and in the villages you’ll notice the quietness and wisdom in old people’s faces. Over 20,000 temples and palaces, coupled together with colourful festivals, music and dance is testimony to the island’s rich heritage.

Kuta Beach –the centre of Bali’s nightlife and action. Legian is where the locals, tourists and expats all mingle. Bargaining, beach activities, indulging in massages, meditating or simply reading – you name it, it’s available! For a holiday where the emphasis is on relaxation, visit Jimbaran or Sanur Beaches; whilst Nusa Dua caters for the more upmarket taste and is ideal for families and water sport enthusiasts. Climbing a volcano, canyoning, downhill cycling, or a hike through traditional villages will you get you closer to nature and Balinese Culture. Ubud should be on your itinerary – it is indeed special. Bali is a shopping paradise; art work, handicrafts, oils and essence, clothes, shoes, furniture, accessories – you name it.

Bali has a tropical climate with temperatures averaging 30°C year round. October to April can bring heavy showers and high humidity, but usually the days are sunny. From May to September the humidity is low, and it can be quite cool in the evenings.

SAILING IN BALI: the Gili Islands and Lombok are located in the northern archipelago of the Lesser Sunda Islands. The most famous of these is undoubtedly Bali but all three have much to recommend them as destinations for luxury yacht charters in Indonesia. The Gili Islands, where motorised transport is prohibited, are perfect for those who really want to get away from it all while Lombok offers surfing, diving and exploration opportunities in a more tranquil setting than Bali.


Madagascar is known as “Treasure Island” due to its landscape diversity, including the Radama and Mitsio archipelagos, beautiful seas and geological curiosities. It’s also home to a myriad of flora, fauna and wildlife, such as whale sharks and humpback whales. Located in the Indian Ocean, off the coast of Africa, Madagascar showcases influences from cultures all around the world, particularly, France. Its 5,000km of coastline offer unspoiled waters, perfect for a Madagascar yacht charter with great spots for scuba diving and snorkelling.

Nosy Be is the ideal starting point for an unforgettable cruise with powdery, white sandy beaches and coral islets to explore. Visit some of the island’s national parks and nature reserves, such as Andasibe-Mantadia, or discover its cheeky lemur inhabitants.

For marine life, visit Nosy Kalakojoro where leopard sharks swim through the pass then move on to the sheltered anchorages of Baie des Russes (also known as Russian Bay), where you can see humpback whales (at the right time of year), manta rays and dolphins. With all these riches, it’s no surprise that Madagascar has often been referred to as the fourth continent and promises you a spectacular sailing experience.


Temperatures in Madagascar are tropical and warm year-round with midday temperatures averaging 30ºC. The winter months are between April and October and are cooler, while the summer months from November to March are hot with variable rainfall and possible monsoons. The best times to visit when sailing Madagascar are between January and March. The south of the island sees the least rain.

Sailing conditions in Madagascar: From October to July, there is an easterly blowing Varatraz wind in the mornings and the westerly Talo wind in the afternoons. From August to September, the Varatraz is dominant throughout the day but is strongest during the afternoon when it can reach 45 knots.. There are two tides each day, from 30cm to 4.5m between high tide and low tide.


THE MALDIVES  A destination of tropical beauty that offers the perfect recipe for relaxation and rejuvenation! A country of more than a thousand islands spread over 90,000 square kilometres of the Indian Ocean.  For most holidaymakers, great sunny days with deep blue skies, clear lagoons with pleasing shades of blue, moonlit nights, the soothing sound of little waves lapping soft white sands, the ruffle of palms and powdery white beaches are the basic ingredient for a tropical island holiday – few places offer these in greater abundance than the Maldives.

The warm seas of the Maldives have high visibility throughout the year; with water clear enough to see the passing fish as far as fifty metres away at times. Over a thousand species of fish and other underwater creatures inhabit the Maldivian waters. Enjoy your days snorkelling, diving, deep-sea fishing or cruising at sunset.

CLIMATE The Maldives has a hot tropical climate and the temperature remains remarkably consistent at around 30°C year round – and that’s on the beach and in the water! The sea in the Maldives is warm all year round and the water temperature is an average of 29°C

TIME DIFFERENCE  The Maldives is 3 hours ahead of South Africa.

DIVING  Maldives is one of the most coral rich regions in the world, here you are spoilt for choice when it comes to diving. With over a thousand different species of coral and fish, every dive is a fascinating experience. While boat diving is more popular, shore diving to discover natures little wonders in the house reef off the island is also amazing. Diving possibilities include drift diving, wreck diving and night diving.

SAILING IN THE MALDIVES:  A Maldives yacht charter is a unique experience, and the perfect way to discover the best beaches, snorkelling spots and surf breaks. Glide across the ​azure waters of the archipelago. Discover pristine white sandbanks, uninhabited islands, palm fringed beaches and secluded anchorages on your own private yacht.


Mauritius has a marvellous blend of cultures, welcoming people, varied cuisine and a huge mix of ethnic communities. There are activities for every kind of traveller in this natural paradise.

Friendly, inviting and beautiful! Beaches, temples, lagoons, rainforests, reefs, waterfalls, shopping, dining… Mauritius has it all.

For the adventurous and active, the array of options is endless; from scuba diving and snorkelling to sailing and deep sea fishing, or water-skiing and parasailing, kite surfing and yoga, quad biking and horse riding – you name it, Mauritius has got it.

The island is blessed with a tropical climate and is a fantastic year-round destination. Temperatures range from the low to mid-20s°C in the cooler months (April to October), up to the late 20s°C and early 30s°C during the gorgeous summer months from November to March.

There is a 2 hour time difference ahead of SA




Holidays IN MOZ are fast becoming a popular choice for South Africans in search of exquisite beaches, a variety of water sports and world-class lodges – and all within convenient reach ‘next door’. The capital, Maputo, is a busy port with well-preserved Portuguese colonial architecture, fascinating history and a vibrant nightlife to be enjoyed at numerous bars and nightclubs. Plus, wherever you go, you’ll enjoy some of the best seafood you’ve ever tasted. The prawns are legendary!  

Why we love Mozambique  

  • Its wild beauty and Portuguese influence are intoxicating.   
  • The coastline is world-renowned for its scuba diving spots.   
  • It boasts more than 2,500km of untouched beaches.   
  • Mozambique offers some of the best game fishing in the world.   
  • The seafood is excellent!   
  • Mozambique’s long and fascinating history includes pirates, slaves, gold and ivory.   

Tropical to sub-tropical Mozambican climate with coastal temperatures high for much of the year while the interior is warm to mild, even in the cooler, dry season from April to September. In the south the hot, humid rainy season is from December to March, farther north this period lengthens by a few weeks. Coastal northern Mozambique climate is occasionally affected by tropical cyclones. It is usually sunny throughout the year.


115 coral and granite islands rising up out of the Indian Ocean – this is the Seychelles! Calm azure waters, deserted beaches, tropical paradise and turquoise lagoons. This string of islands offers sparkling white sandy beaches and coral reefs bustling with sea life. The flora and fauna are unique, the mountains are covered in lush vegetation, and the landscape offers a stunning and multi-faceted panorama.

The three most popular islands in the Seychelles archipelago are Mahé, Praslin, and La Digue. These three are clustered in the archipelago’s northeast area known as the Inner Island group. Mahé and Praslin are Seychelles’ largest islands (nearby Silhouette Island is larger than La Digue, but less populated), and all three are granitic (versus coral). The Inner Islands also include other popular islands to visit, such as Denis, Bird, Silhouette, and North.

The climate is always warm and without extremes, the temperature seldom drops below 24°C or rises above 32°C making Seychelles a year round destination for sun worshippers and beach lovers. During the north-west trade winds that occur between the October and March, the sea is generally calm and the weather warm and humid, in January and February the islands receive their life-giving rains, rejuvenating the rivers and streams. From May to September the weather is cooler and drier with livelier seas – particularly on the south-eastern coasts.

The Seychelles is 2 hours ahead of South Africa.


Seychelles offers diverse and impressive diving opportunities. The Inner Islands rest on a shallow plateau with prolific marine life and excellent PADI diving facilities are available with access to a multitude of dive sites. The Outer Islands to the south of the archipelago are all coralline or sand cays and mainly uninhabited.


The Inner Islands, in particular the islands of Praslin, La Digue, Silhouette, Ile du Nord, Frégate, Arid and Curieuse are the most popular places for yacht charters & sailing.   Most of the islands are less than 30 nautical miles apart making it comfortable to sail from one to another during the course of a day. The archipelago has some fantastic scenery. Brilliant white beaches, fringed with palm trees lead to crystal clear waters. There are idyllic coves and secluded lagoons, reefs and coral islands.


Reunion’s climate is tropical, with temperatures varying according to elevation. Humidity is generally high. There is not a big temperature range between the seasons, but the year can be divided into summer and winter: November to April is hot and rainy, while May to November is usually dry and cooler, and is the most popular time for travel to Reunion. This volcanic island is covered in large craters. So large, in fact, that entire villages can be found inside them. A visit to Cirque de Cilaos caldera, taking the one road in and out of the crater, offers a glimpse into a completely different world to the beaches and cliffs of the coastline. Inside, the climate changes completely, the temperature dropping and rocky scrub giving way to lush rainforest interspersed with spectacular waterfalls.

The cyclone season runs from mid-November to mid-April and the island is occasionally affected.

The best beaches in Reunion Island are mostly concentrated along the sandy shores of its lagoon, on the sunny and dry west coast of the island. Protected by a coral reef, these beaches are the most suitable for swimming and water sports.


Thailand is blessed with some of the world’s most-enviable beaches and a myriad of off shore islands ensuring your holiday will be filled with water sports, hammocks and sunset strolls along the water’s edge. Some areas are vibey, while others offer a more serene experience.

THAILAND is 5 hours ahead of South Africa.

Phuket is the largest island in Thailand and is undeniably the country’s most popular beach destination. With a vibrant nightlife, bustling market stalls, a family atmosphere or romantic seclusion. The range of activities available is fantastic; canoeing, hiking, white water rafting, scooter hire and best of all – diving and snorkelling.

Phi Phi Island is located 2 hours by ferry from Phuket (some resorts also offer a speedboat service).Phi Phi is nature at its best; towering limestone cliffs shelter white, sandy beaches leading to aquamarine bays filled with marine life; perfect for diving and snorkelling or simply taking it easy and letting the stress of modern life slip away.

Krabi is a 2 hour overland trip from Phuket through countryside terrain and local villages. Krabi’s sheer limestone cliffs will welcome you to where over 130 islands rise majestically from the sea, and secluded beaches are accessible only by colourfully adorned long-tail boats. Krabi is about getting out and exploring nature – sea caves, exotic marine life, rock climbing, beautiful National Parks, hot spring waterfalls, the spectacular turquoise waters of the Emerald Pool and Tiger Cave – a cliff monastery in a jungle valley.

Koh Samui  The tropical island setting and laid back ambience make you feel like you have truly discovered the ideal island escape and that is why it is so popular with honeymooners. Within sight of Koh Samui, you’ll find Ang Thong National Marine Park – an archipelago of 42 towering islands with lush jungles, white beaches, hidden coves and waterfalls. Koh Samui is Thailand’s third largest island and extremely popular but there is still an opportunity to find your own little slice of paradise.

CLIMATE Thailand’s tropical climate has three main seasons:

Hot: March to June

Rainy: July to October

Cool: November to February

Average temperatures range from 20°C to 35°C

The monsoon season in the Andaman Sea (West coast/Phuket and surrounds) is from approximately May to October.


SAILING If you like the idea of a yacht charter during which you will find uncrowded cruising areas, a great variety of stunning scenery, a balmy tropical climate, blue water, white sandy beaches, brilliant snorkelling, fabulous food, a very friendly welcoming population and lots more. A sailing charter on the Andaman coast of Thailand is highly recommended.


JAMBO!  Zanzibar is the name of an archipelago in the Indian Ocean just off the coast of East Africa. As the number one beach location in East Africa, Zanzibar is a wonderful island, with classic tropical beaches, lush plantations, an incredible history and a fascinating culture. Apart from historic Stone Town, with its labyrinth of narrow streets, Zanzibar is known for its beautiful palm-fringed beaches and pristine coral reefs.

Zanzibar is a few degrees south of the equator and enjoys a very tropical climate. The average daytime high is between 28°C and 32°C and the night-time lows are between 20°C and 25°C. Temperature wise – this island is an all-year-round winner. February is very hot and very humid and March to May are the wettest months.

As Zanzibar is situated in a malaria zone, it is recommended that you consult your physician on the correct preventative medication required before you travel.

Zanzibar is one hour ahead of SA.


Whether you spend your days lazing by the pool, sipping cocktails on the beach at sunset, diving in warm waters or enjoying a Dhow cruise around small islands, your Zanzibar holiday will be a memorable experience. 




DAY CHARTERS: Setting sail on a traditional dhow will be one of the highlights of your trip.  Whether it’s a full day excursion out into Menai Bay – a haven of beautiful uninhabited islands where the waters are frequented by humpback and bottlenose dolphins. or a Sunset Cruise, where you can enjoy the end of the day watching a spectacular sunset. Make sure this one is on your itinerary.

SLEEP ON CHARTERS:  With its constant trade winds and tropical climate, Zanzibar, Pemba and the Mafia Island Archipelago seem to have been created for the sole pleasures of sailing Zanzibar.

The North Monsoon (Kaskazi) season starts from mid-December through till March. During the South Monsoon (Kusi), you can Sail from June until October. The wind is always good and during these seasons and really reliable.  This adventure includes more than just Sailing, Wake up inside a turquoise lagoon and start the day with a dip in the water whilst breakfast is prepared by the crew. Each day brings a new adventure whether it be discovering a new island, hoisting up the sails and honing your skills or catching a fish for an evening BBQ.  You don’t have to be a sailing fanatic to enjoy island hopping on a catamaran. Guests are always welcome to participate in sailing the yacht.

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