Making Use of Professional Advice

about-our-holidaysTo escape the stress of your normal day to day grind and head out to a holiday charter, takes planning in advance, and research depending on a number of factors. This may not be the average holiday that you are used to planning like before. You may never have done this before, but have always wanted to. Yacht Charter Options International (YCOi) consists of a group of people who have planned amazing yacht charter holidays many times before, starting from small yachts to large powered super yachts and all types in-between. The idea of adding the little extra touches for you, pieces of advise not otherwise found, or special places that you have to visit on your trip, we are all the reasons why we are here.

Things to consider for a charter:

Does it matter if I have absolutely no experience in boating?
Quick answer – Absolutely not. Every boat charter has the option of adding crew to handle the boat as well as look after you.

Does it matter if I have no qualification to skipper a boat ?

Quick answer – Not always as places vary in the requirements that are needed. Something special to think on is that some places offer the actual sailing training and qualification as part of the charter. Sail and learn together with your family for the first part of your holiday and then take over and be the captain of your own ship.

How do we organise provisioning and supplies for our trip?

There are 2 ways for this – we can supply you with a provisioning list from the supplier, you tick off what you think you want and it will be bought and on the boat for you when you arrive.

Or you explore the local shops and markets when you arrive and enjoy the experience of purchasing all your own things.
Depending on the destination, sometimes the first option can be more viable but generally the second option is a great addition to the experience.
We can advise and assist on which route would be best.

How do we make sure we don’t run out of fresh water?

Depending on where you are again, would depend on how easy it is to refill your water tanks. If you are in a region where it is far between refills, there are a few simple rules.

Ideally get together with your party before you leave the dock on the first day and chat about some basic rules that will ensure that everyone is on the same page and peace will reign!

Showering is not like showering at home  – tap on – get wet – tap off – lather up – tap on – rinse! End of shower!

After a swim – quick rinse on back deck IF NECESSARY – some people get itchy in salty water so need to do this. If not, then don’t.
Wash dishes in salty soapy water then rinse off in fresh water.

Some of my best memories are sitting on the back scoop with a tub of soapy salt water-  washing dishes – or just salty water & cleaning fish or prawns, with the sun setting or rising and an ice cold G&T on the side. Well that is depending if it is sunset or sunrise.  Actually, that’s irrelevant  :)
Come and chat to us about your questions, any concerns or just thought that you might have.