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Andaman SeaThailand’s, Phuket makes a perfect base to start your yacht charter in the Andaman Sea.
Conveniently located close to Burma, Malaysia and the Indonesian Archipelago and although the potential cruising ground is extensive, Thailand alone holds plenty to keep anyone entertained on a yacht charter – in fact, you’ll probably never want to leave.
Phuket is a haven of activity with modern resorts, restaurants, nightlife and great shopping, for those who are interested. For those who aren’t, you’ll be pleased to know that once you start sailing you’ll be more likely to come across more stunning isolated beaches and wildlife to make for a very special escape.

The superb anchorage and highlight for yacht charters, of Pang Nag Bay which was famed for its sea mountains that rise vertically out of the turquoise waters, truly defy gravity and belief and just have to be seen. Doing this up-close from your own charter yacht is the best option.
With the numerous safe anchorages in the bay you can use a tender or dinghy to explore the quaint little coves, fantastic caves and inland lakes.
Buy fresh seafood from the local fisherman to enjoy onboard your charter yacht. Grill it up on your aft deck BBQ, or have is specially prepared by a local chef onboard which is also an option when planning your charter.

A cruise on to Koh Phi Phi, which is one of the most spectacular islands of Thailand, allows you to enjoy magnificent scenery, secluded bays and white sandy beaches on your yacht charter holiday. Follow a jungle trail on a mountain trek or enjoy swimming in the clear, turquoise waters for days on end or just relax on your charter yacht and enjoy the warmth of the tropical sun.
Something very endearing about Thailand is the way restaurants set up their little tables and chairs on the beaches at night. The candlelight flickers in the gentle breeze and the moon reflects off the rippling water and for a moment, you’re in the most romantic place in the world. Koh Phi Phi has grown enough commercially to have a great range of restaurants and live entertainment to suit all tastes which you can join in with if you so wish or watch from across the tranquil waters from your yacht.

Hundreds of less developed islands are home to several national parks and reefs, which offer great opportunities for diving and fishing and make up a big part of your charter experience. For those dedicated enough to cruise out to the continental shelf, near the Similian Islands, there is some fantastic game fishing and the lure of the famous Black Marlin to add a different level of excitement to your trip.

Thailand is a romantic and alluring destination and has everything you could hope for in man and nature. The sailing conditions are perfect all year round, the environment is stunning, the people delightful, and the food, delicious.
No matter how long your yacht charter lasts, you’ll probably leave thinking it wasn’t long enough!

Various seasons do exist and can affect costs considerably so this needs to be taken into account when planning for this region.
Thailand, Phuket and the Andaman Sea are gaining increasing popularity as a top yacht charter destinations because there are so many interesting things do see and do and yacht charterers really feel like they are in a very different place from home.
All the main types of yacht charter are available such as motor, sailing, dive charter, skippered, crewed yachts, catamaran, power boat, sailboat, luxury yachts and off-course the ever increasing super yacht charter.

Let us help you have a look for the option that suits you and your family.

Andaman Sea

The appeal of the Andaman as a yacht charter location is obvious – most of its picturesque islands, are only accessible by boat.
With its beautiful natural beaches, national parks, diving, gentle people, interesting culture, and of course it’s mouth-watering cuisine, there’s no place that sounds more like paradise.
The Andaman Sea is still an undiscovered gem for sailors and yacht charters alike although it is becoming more popular and well known rapidly.

The tropical climate is good year round sailing makes this a great option for anytime chartering. The Andaman experiences no cyclones, typhoons or extreme weather fronts; however there are two distinct seasons.
During wet season, which runs from, May to October, one can expect rain, although showers tend to be very brief.
The dry season from November to April, brings winds from the northeast.
The weather is generally fine all year round with nice sailing breezes suiting sailors with all ranges of experience.

Phuket is Thailand’s largest yachting hub in the Andaman Sea and this is where most yacht charterers pick up their charter yacht for cruising the surrounding waters. Phuket itself is a beautiful island with many activities and excursions to enjoy, not to mention the beautiful landscapes, seascapes, sunsets and the friendly locals who welcome you with the biggest smile possible.
A fascinating place to head out from on your yacht.

South West of Phuket you find open water with a few dotted islands such as Koh Racha and Koh Rok Nok.
For sailing yacht enthusiasts, in the SW monsoon sailing can be quite exhilarating here; in the NE monsoon there is usually a steady moderate breeze.
All year round, sailing is great. South of Phuket there is a string of inshore islands, stretching for 100 NM from Koh Phi Phi to the Malaysian border. This island chain offers tranquillity and many opportunities for exploration.

n the NE monsoon there is usually a steady moderate breeze. All year round, sailing is great. South of Phuket there is a string of inshore islands, stretching for 100 NM from Koh Phi Phi to the Malaysian border. This island chain offers tranquillity and many opportunities for exploration.

East and South East of Phuket, the magnificent destinations of Phang Nga Bay, Krabi and Phi Phi, together form an area of about 500 square miles. The entire area is dotted with impressive lime stone formations, honeycombed with caves and fringed by mangroves and there is sheltered sailing here in all seasons.
Three major rivers plus a couple of smaller ones flow in the Phang Nga Bay.
Typical features of this area are the hongs, high limestone islands which have collapsed in the middle leaving a landlocked lagoon. Several of these lagoons are accessible by your yachts tender or kayak at low tide through caves.

Other attractions include James Bond Island, Railey Beach, said to be one of the most beautiful beaches in the world and the well-known Phi Phi Islands offering impressive surroundings.

The Similan Island Group and Surin Islands, close to the Myanmar / Burmese border are found to the North and North West of Phuket. These islands are increasing in popularity among yacht charters, especially those who enjoy diving as they offer the best diving and snorkeling in Thailand and are known as one of the world’s top dive destinations.

Whether diving, cave diving, snorkeling, fishing or just cruising around, it is all possible here on a yacht charter in Thailand.

laysia North East coast islands are an enchanting yacht charter cruising ground. Langawi and Penang are amongst the largest of the hundred islands in the archipelago, just south of the Thai border.
A yacht charter is by far the best way to explore these bewitching islands, as many are only accessible by boat. The recent tourism boom in Langawi has encouraged development of luxury resorts, modern marinas for charter yachts, and international restaurants.

Being so close to its Asian neighbors, Malaysia enjoys a smorgasbord of culinary delights.
The fresh exotic food has distinct Thai, Indonesian and Indian undertones, which makes for some fantastic dining.
In fact, when you’re not swimming, diving or exploring, all you’ll want to do, is eat!

Provisioning your yacht from these local treasures is a joy and another adventure as part of your charter holiday.

Although growing in popularity, Langawi still manages to maintain a laidback and peaceful charm. The outstanding natural landscape makes it a haven for nature lovers with ancient rain forests inhabited by native fauna and amazing wildlife.
Romantic coves encircle white sandy beaches and throughout the islands, you’ll find spectacular caves, lakes and limestone hills creating awesome backdrops to your home afloat.

The clear waters surrounding the island are also filled with a wonderful diversity of marine life, including coral and colourful fish and snorkeling to experience this underwater wonderland or diving down to explore sunken shipwrecks, is just awesome.

Due to all of these, the islands of Malaysia make a beautiful, relaxing and intriguing yacht charter destination.

Take your time and incorporate the stunning islands of Thailand in your itinerary and make the most of the Andaman Sea region. Take a yacht charter and explore what feels like un-chartered waters and the adventure of a lifetime.

The types of yacht charter available in Malaysia include motor, sailing, bareboat charter, skippered, crewed yachts, catamaran, power boat, sailboat, and even the occasional luxury yacht charter. (ref: