General information

Seasons for the Mediterranean differ slightly from area to area but generally JUNE, JULY, AUGUST and SEPTEMBER are ‘summer’ season.

May and sometimes just into June can be ‘the edge of season’ where places are not as busy nor as expensive.
The same applies for the end of September and into October.

Busy season is almost always the end of JUNE and the month of JULY while AUGUST can be PEAK or HIGH SEASON.
These times are busy and sometimes a challenge for finding berthing space or moorings, or even a table in a restaurant.

Charter season is closed NOVEMBER, DECEMBER and through to April are the winter months and although in some Mediterranean places, chartering can be very special during some of these times (if you plan carefully) it isn’t ideal and boats are not always available.
In many places boats are actually lifted out and stored away for winter, repaired or refitted and ready for the new season when it comes around.