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Planning a Charter & our Business

When searching the web for charter boats in many areas around the world, there are some items cleverly worded to make deals look more attractive than others: 

  • The charter industry is huge in The Mediterranean for example and the competition between the vast number of suppliers can get pretty cut throat. Items may look minor at the outset but once these start adding up, a charter budget can run away with you and you certainly don’t want to only discover this when you arrive on your holiday.
  • Yacht Charter Options started the business specifically for this reason and at no cost to you, we check and double check all these little anomalies., making sure before you book and certainly before you leave for your trip, that everything is considered and discussed.

 YACHT CHARTER OPTIONS in Cape Town can do everything for you free of charge?

  • How do we do this? Well ALL charter suppliers around the world have a built in agents fee in the pricing they offer as a standard. If they don’t include this, they are frowned in severely by the industry in general. It is not a great reflection on the supplier right from the outset if they intend cutting corners.
  • Very often suppliers and agents collaborate to reduce fees together to be able to offer the customer a better ‘deal’.
  • You, as the customer, pay this agents fee whether you use and agent or not, or whether you book on line or not so it makes sense to have the added support and security.
  • Some agents do also add a handling fee to their services which is acceptable, but we at Yacht Charter Options don’t.
  • We are UNIQUE to South Africa and although there are a number of organisations similar through-out the MED and rest of the world, we are one of a kind here. We have a team of hugely experienced sailors, charterers, international travellers and boat owners with a collective knowledge to offer every customer the best support.
  • Contract terms, cancellations policies, damage waivers, forex payments and exchange processes, inclusions and exclusions are all things to give you peace of mind and are covered when working with us, amongst other items.
  • Together with this we offer suggestions on itineraries, crew profiles, flight and travel ideas, personal experience, shopping advice for provisioning, what to do and what not to do, what to take along, how to make the most of your water supplies, where to get ‘ice’, and so many other things that can turn an ordinary charter into a very special experience.

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