Charter PlanningYacht Charter Options International was set up for the South African customer base, as the ‘go to experts’ for anyone wanting to book a charter.

Most suppliers around the world encourage online booking so it seems strange for us to be encouraging the opposite – however once you have spent a little time surfing the net for opportunities to charter, it is not difficult to see that there is a huge amount on offer. How do you know whats legit and whats not? what good and whats not? whats expensive and whats not? Its not a cheap holiday – although realistically it can be cheaper than a land based trip – so we are here to help you spend wisely and sail away confidently.

We now represent more than 50 agencies across the world and add more as we find new and exciting destinations. These include standard charters through to Super Yachts, barging and gulet charter. So we pretty much cover it all and if we don’t already, we will find what you need.

What we do is FREE to our customers but we do ask in return that you book through us once the decisions have been made. This way we earn a commission from the supplier which is, as a standard international rule, already built into every charter cost.

Typical things to consider when planning :

  • Will you need a qualified person onboard as part of your group?
  • Is the time of year you plan to go, suitable for the destination you want?
  • Is the boat you think you want, the right one for what you need?
  • What are all the extras due that perhaps are not evident on the internet?
  • Have you given yourself enough visa application time?
  • Are there any local laws that need to be taken into consideration for your particular trip?

These things may seem daunting to the uninitiated but here at YCOi, we can help you through all this with ease.

Give yourself time and plan ahead, take advantage of discounts available for advance bookings and the discounts we are able to negotiate for you, and talk to us, we are here to help. It costs you nothing!