Something Special

I met with an Italian supplier the other day and we were chatting about South African customers and during the conversation I could see certain factors dawning on him. We live at the bottom tip of the world so to get anywhere, is a long haul! We South African’s all accept that.

Europeans often never actually realize this and have spent life times hopping from one country to the next, on and off boats and islands and being exposed to the vast array of places, just on their door step. Considering the time, the distance, the expense, the visa’s and whatever else needs to be thrown into the pot to plan an adventure, it takes a lot more effort, time and cost for South African’s in general. So when we do it, we do it properly, make the most of it and squeeze every ounce of return out of our hard earned cash and hard worked for time off.

“Ahhh, now I understand why you ask so many questions!” he says to me with a knowing grin. Well exactly!


Bearing the above in mind as one factor, Yacht Charter Options leaves nothing to chance and the list of questions to suppliers grows daily with no question being too unimportant to ask. So with all this in mind, the charter holidays have to be wonderful, thoroughly planned and efficient in every way and we love our role in helping our customer get the absolute maximum detail out of their charter bookings.

One issue I do face though, is people looking for ‘budget’ pricing on a charter. As much as I understand the need for this in many cases, the customer has to also then understand that ‘you get what you pay for’ and this isn’t always as pretty as one hopes for!

Older boats are cheaper yes – but also noisier, well used and sometimes defective, very often smelly (old bilges) and so on …. and if you accept this for what it is, these then it is great. If you expect better, it is realistic that you are going to have to pay a little more. Online offers sometimes look WONDERFUL and CHEAPER – but there are generally reasons for this!


Now going back to our original point and once you have the perfect boat, there are great options of adding extra little aspects to a charter to make it something EXTRA SPECIAL.

Consider these: –

Get your DAY SKIPPERS QUALIFICATION while you charter

  • Do this together with your wife and family on your own boat and come home with a certificate to your name as well as experience.
  • For your next charter you can then be ‘Captain of your own ship’!

Get your DAY SKIPPERS QUALIFICATION while you charter

Gather a group of friends together and while on your flotilla, go WINE TASTING in Italy.

  • Guided wine tasting including meals, transfers to and from the farms, local hospitality and meet the wine makers as a real authentic Italian wine experience.


Take a gulet, which always includes a chef as part of the crew and get some COOKING LESSONS.

  • Learn about the local dishes, varieties of local produce and how to create these incredible meals.

Join a CYCLING EXPEDITION to get some added exercise.

  • After devouring the incredible meals onboard created by your chef, work off the extra pounds while getting a close up look at some of the islands, on guided bike tours.

Be part of HISTORY & CULTURAL TOURS – through Turkey, Croatia or Montenegro

  • Be a guest onboard a special gulet charter together with a professional guide to experience a guided classic tour such as A PASSAGE TO TROY – or Cities and Coasts FROM TROY TO EPHESOS.
  • Mind blowing all inclusive excursions of top quality from the boat, the services, the meals, the guides etc.

Turkey Yacht Charter

Gather a group of friends together and create your own FLOTILLA

  • These are always so much fun and add all sorts of activities to the trip – fun mini-regatta’s between the boats, hosting different meals onboard between the groups, water Olympics as a challenge and so on – BUT also are great if there are kids in your group.


There are so many options to really make the most of your trip and time and we LOVE finding these exciting things for our customers. Chat to us and lets see what suits your group the best. Keep it simple or bump it up a notch, whichever you are most happy with, we can help.