Super Yachts

This is luxury super yacht chartering at its best. A super yacht charter hire can only mean a holiday that dreams are made of. This is a huge industry across the waters of the world and a very popular option for those that can afford it or just want to really spoil themselves to something special.

Super Yachts range from the smaller ‘big’ to the really big, are immaculately built, finished and furnished, come fully staffed to see to your every whim and generally included all the toys imaginable. Included in this package are water sport equipment, jet bikes or ski’s, power boat tenders for water sports, scuba diving equipment, water slides and many more.

Super Yacht charters work on a different system whereby they are costed on an APA (Approximate Provisioning Allowance) for everything outside of the actual charter fee. We will be happy to talk you through the details of this setup.

Be assured of perfect service and attention by the charter supplier as well as the 24 hour staff onboard together with;

  • The instructors to assist and guide you for all the equipment onboard.
  • Personal luxury and indulgence.
  • Captain and his crew to impart local knowledge.
  • Perfectly planned itineraries to suit your vacation needs.

All while floating in exotic waters off the French or Italian Riviera, Sardinia or Corsica, enjoying days in the sun playing and the night time ashore, soaking up the local night life and atmosphere.

  • Definitely an option that is very special!

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