Why would you talk to us if you can book online?

Why would you talk to us if you can book on line?

While most charter businesses are encouraging their customer base to go ‘online’ and book, we seem to be doing the opposite! Well not actually, we still encourage you to go online and RESEARCH but then come and chat to us. We have the expertise, experience and knowledge about all those little details that can so easily be overlooked plus we give you the reassurance that your money is being well spent. We try to eliminate any nasty surprises of things ‘not actually included’ and best of all – we don’t cost you anything.

Like an air ticket, there is an automatic built in fee on all charter bookings, for an ‘agent’. Encouraging you to book online means they save the agents fee. Coming to us to help you means we earn an income, you pay the same as you would have BUT you know you are being looked after. Actually you pay less – because we negotiate rates on your behalf and as we know what you ‘should be paying’ we push for better rates.

Why wouldn’t you talk to us?

Processing forex payments for overseas booking can be a nightmare but we do this everyday and will do this for you. We invoice you in ZAR for a zero rated tax invoice for offshore booking and then make the forex application on your behalf. Our business connections with the bank allow us to purchase a rate for you that is far better than the normal rate that most customers could get on their own.

We arrange visa documentation for your group, in some cases are able to assist with flights and hotels but generally we are your one stop go to experts for all things related.

Then while you travel, I sit in the office dreaming about where you all are and what you are all doing. Hmmmm….!

What we do ask is for feedback – maybe a quick mail while you are travelling, a couple of pictures and hopefully detailed news on your return. If we miss something, we can only learn by hearing about it from you and thus improving.

We would love to feature you on our ‘facebook’ page if you like and make you famous!

Contact me, Tracy, on 021 418 3147 or tracyw@yachtcharteroptions.co.za and please go and like us on facebook – here is the link FACEBOOK