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Thailand…The Land of Smiles.

A country brimming with culture, bustling streets, mouth watering street food, indigenous hill tribes, pristine white beaches and crystal clear aquamarine waters, not to mention the incredible marine life, Thailand is most certainly a place to visit before you die.


Located in the Andaman Sea, this is a place that will provide you with ample sailing opportunity and plenty to do and see; it is ideal as a romantic getaway for couples or a relaxed holiday with family and kids. Thailand is peppered with beautiful islands, both inhabited if you are interested in socializing or getting festive at one of its’ famous Full Moon parties or beach bars, or tranquil and isolated if you would prefer some privacy and serenity. Not only that, it can also provide an unforgettable sailing experience for the more professional sailors out there.


A great way to start your charter in Thailand, would be to head to Phuket, the country’s largest island. Whilst Phuket may not be the most idyllic location to start one’s trip, it is a mere stepping-stone away from the gorgeous little Phi Phi Islands, which have become a favorite among tourists. This area boasts incredible anchorages with twinkling phosphorescensce which glitter in the waves during nighttime stays, and is a snorkelers dream during the day, with mutlicoloured coral reefs and vibrant sea life.


Just North of Phuket, in the waters of Phang-nga Bay, are the barely touched Similan Islands which are comprised of giant limestone monuments, topped with dense tropical jungle life. This is a protected area, and as a result, is a scuba diver’s dream come true, with the underwater landscape being as impressive as that above the waves.


Thailand has one of the largest Buddhist communities in the world, with its’ people radiating a peacefulness, generosity and happiness that is infectious. It is no wonder this country is known as the Land of Smiles and one would without a doubt end one’s charter holiday here feeling refreshed and enlightened. What’s more, with the Rand not being at its strongest the Thai Baht will be kinder to your wallet when it comes to provisioning, shore based activities, visits to exquisite Buddhist temples, meals out in the busy streets or peaceful beaches as well as shopping for exotic goods at the local markets.


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