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The Seychelles: Planning your meals in the stunning remote destination

Is the Seychelles your holiday destination of choice? If so, you ever thought about the finer details of your trip there, such at the provisioning and buying of food and drinks for your trip? As the Seychelles is quite a remote and secluded destination, this may seem like a daunting task, however, in this article we outline some tips to help you when shopping for your charter in this incredible destination.


They Seychelles is known to be quite an expensive destination and stock can at times be limited. In order to make the most of your trip, we suggest stocking up on as much meat, fresh produce, beers and wine, as you can before you begin your charter. We also suggest hiring or bringing your own fishing gear if there are any keen fishermen among you, as any fresh fish that is caught can be a great addition to your meals onboard.


When provisioning for your charter in the Seychelles you have a few options to choose from.


PRE-ORDERING ONLINE: Maybe suppliers will allow you to pre-order your provisions online before your charter so that you do not need to lift a finger when you arrive, and the shopping is already packed away (with the wine already chilled) when you embark.


DOING YOUR OWN SHOPPING: Despite what you may think, provisioning in the Seychelles is relatively easy. There are various supermarkets and the opportunity to stock up on provisions on Mahe, la Digue and Praslin. A few of these include a brand new Spar on Eden Island, as well as a supermarket near to the base where you can shop at the beginning of your charter. The Spar is very well stocked with better quality produce, but is a bit pricier than other shops nearby. For those who are slightly more budget conscious, the STC Super Marché on Mahe, which stays open on Sundays is your best bet! There is also a local market where you can buy some fresh local produce and sample some of the local cuisine, which we definitely recommend!


You can also stock up on provisions in La Digue, which although is a small island, does have a supermarket. It is literally within walking distance from the marina. 
You may also come across the odd fisherman who will sell you their fresh catch of the day – look out for a ‘Mr Robert’ (around La Digue), who has approached some of our previous customers in his boat. For a bargain, you can buy for a very large fish that comes beautifully stuffed and wrapped, ready to throw onto the braai.


Some other nice activities to do one la Digue are:

  • Rent bicycle for 200 SCR per person for the day.
  • Explore the Island, going to Union Estate (100 SCR fee):
  • What to see: 
Giants Tortoises; Coconut Farm (how to make coconut oil) with copra mill (Victor the cow) / dry coconuts / how to open a coconut; Ship Yard traditional wooden boats;
Vanilla plantation; Cemetery of the first settlers – the Mellon Family; “Source d’Argent” the most famous beach in the Seychelles. It has 2 beach bars with fruit cocktails and beautiful giant granite boulders.

A FINAL TIP: It is definitely worth bringing in some of your own preferred wines/spirits from duty free when flying into the Seychelles – this will be much more cost effective!

If you have any questions about shopping in the Seychelles or better yet, if you are wanting to go on a sailing holiday in this breathtaking destination, feel free to get in touch and we can help you plan the trip of your dreams.


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