Turkey – although not the top listed, is our feature destination for good reason

Over the past few months, we have had groups and families, including myself, travel to Turkey for various versions of charter experience.For me this was a ‘business trip’ by invitation from our top gulet supplier, to join them and experience the luxury of their gulet’s and to compete in the annual Bodrum Cup.

This diverse country guaranteed me a trip packed with fun, different experiences, an element of adventure as well as loads of information to share…

Featured Destination
- Turkey

Turkey has a magnificent coastline filled with bays, coves, vast & tiny beaches, village harbours, commercial harbours and is just an awe -inspiring charter playground. So many different options can be created for the perfect getaway and is certainly a great destination to consider. The charter suppliers take their business very seriously and the depth of service is astounding.


  • Sail, in luxury, from town to town, from island to island, absorbing culture and ancient history. Visit markets, restaurants and be part of the local activities that never seem to end on these beautiful shores.
  • Hop from bays, beaches and coves soaking up the scenery and landscape. Enjoy fishing, swimming and just getting away from everything for a while. Snorkel or dive, paddle or SUP, catch a Turkish tan and just relax.
  • Enjoy the sail from mainland Turkey into Greece, visiting the nearby Greek islands – like Kos and Kalymnos. Experience these two different cultures in one trip, walk and climb the mountains of the gods or hire a scooter to tour the islands and discover the rich history of both Turkey and Greece, enjoy the never ending scenery and bask in the laid back atmosphere.
  • For the ‘foodies’ out there, how about a ‘cooking’ charter? Add another element to your charter and let your onboard chef teach you everything there is to know about the local dishes and techniques. Sending you home with not only a great tan, a fully relaxed body and mind but also with some new found skills in the kitchen to brag and share with friends.

Charter in Turkey can vary from the TRADITONAL GULET charter (for which this region is famous), through standard CREWED CHARTER to BAREBOAT – catamaran and monohull sail – and to a lesser degree, power. Luxury SUPERYACHT charter is certainly also an option.
Gulet’s are the ideal choice and the true way to experience Turkish tradition in sailing but this obviously depends on what your preferences are.
These magnificent boats are still hand crafted to this day, boasting craftsmanship long since lost in other places. They range from the ‘seriously’ large and luxurious to the smaller more intimate ones. In Bodrum alone there is a fleet of about 700 resident yachts.


Hire your own and fill it with friends and family or hire a cabin and make new friends.Sail, relax, tour, dive, eat, drink, be spoilt and absorb the energy of this experience.


Below the surface lies a treasure trove of antiquities from thousands of years of history and although this is a highly controlled activity, is great to do and a must for any charter guest keen on diving. Water sports are usually a part of gulet charter alos, with most boats being equipped with a decent sized duck, water ski’s, wakeboards, tubes etc…sometimes an SUP, kayak’s and so on. These items can be requested and added if not already included and if you are travelling with kids, sit back and relax for a change, and let the experienced crew drive the duck around for the kids.


On shore the endless markets and carpet sellers are a treat to experience. All in all – what’s not to like!
So I have been there, done that, got the t-shirt and I would LOVE to share the details..Get in Touch and Let’s chat about your next charter Experiance