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Water, Water, Everywhere…

“Help! We’ve run out of fresh water!”


This may seem like a ridiculous worry, especially considering you will be surrounded by such a vast body of water on your charter, but it is in fact a valid query. Running out of fresh water is not a situation you would like to find yourself in during your holiday, nor is spending hours of your charter trying to locate a refill station.


Depending on where you are in the world will depict how easily accessible fresh water will be for your trip. In busier holiday destinations water refill stations will be plentiful, however should you choose to go for a more private and remote charter destination where refill stations are few and far between, the following tips can prove helpful in saving you precious water (and money) on your next sailing adventure!


  1. Make sure your group is on the same page with regards to water rules. You want to be careful with how the fresh water is used, but you still want to enjoy your trip. Deciding on some basic water consumption rules before you leave on your charter will ensure that everyone understands that water is limited, that they should be cautious and that the vibe remains peaceful on board.
  2. Washing dishes in salty water really works! Instead of filling up the sink in the galley (kitchen) to wash dishes, why not fill a bucket with some salty sea water and dishwashing liquid, give your dishes a quick scrub and then rinse them off in a bit of fresh water afterwards. They will sparkling clean, plus there will be no need to miss out on the fun inside while everyone else is enjoying the sunshine – this can be done on the back deck. The same applies to cleaning freshly caught fish or seafood: clean in salty water, rinse in fresh water – or not even. Who knows, the salty seawater may add to the seasoning!
  3. Speedy showers mean more time outside in the sun. Why not take in your surroundings and start your morning with a cool dip in the sea. Take your shower gel (environmentally friendly, of course) in with you and get clean and revitalized at the same time. This is a fun way to start the day and the kids will love it. Sometimes one needs to get that saltiness off one’s skin. If so, have a quick rinse on the back deck. If you do need to shower make it snappy – turn the tap on to get wet, turn it off to lather up, and on again to rinse off.


Well done – Water saved!