Yacht chartering in Montenegro

MontenegroHeard of Montenegro? Sure you have but do you know exactly where it is and what its all about?

Wedged between Croatia and Albania, in the Southern Balkin peninsula, East of Italy, this tiny country is fascinating and becoming more and more popular for charter holidays. Take a minute to “Google earth” this coast line and its tiny islands with ancient fortresses. What you won’t see is the magnitude of the mountains surrounding the massive inland waterway. A very impressive sight from the deck of a boat. I could get lost in that inland bay for days. Just magnificent! Being just a hop and a skip away from Dubrovnik, gives you the options to visit both places in one trip or even consider a one way program starting in one and ending in the other.

Montenegro is a perfect combination of clear water, sandy and pebble beaches surrounded by breathtaking cascades of mountains and shore cliffs. Many of the small, secluded beaches are only accessible by boat and become yours alone while chartering. The lack of heavy industry has left this region mostly untouched and clean. The ancient cities of Kotor, Budv, Ulcinj, Old Bar and Petrovac, are all rich with ancient culture, monuments and history.

Scuba diving here is also becoming more and more popular with the number of historical wrecks to explore, steep limestone cliffs, caverns and archaeological sites rich with flora and fauna and corals. Visibility is between 15 and 35m with water temperatures in the summer of 25 to 28°. Sounding good yet?

What better way to holiday – with your own boat under your feet, a warm water paradise beneath that and incredible dry land to head to when you feel like a change.

Chartering in Montenegro ranges from the standard yachts, catamarans and monohulls, up to Super Yachts if that’s your preference. On shore there is an endless list of historical places to visit, mountains to climb and towns to explore.

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