At YCOi we strive to offer the very best service

Helpfull hintsHELPFUL HINTS

Each day brings new points to remember, new items to cover and include when helping to plan, new suggestions, new boats, new destinations and the feed back from our returning guests (who are so willing to share) just elevates us to an even better level.

Every supplier, of which there are many, has a different way of doing things:

  • Some include everything, some exclude everything!
  • Some are USD based some are EURO based,
  • Some are complex and some are simple

but it is our job to sift through all this on your behalf.

Ultimately that is why we are here.

Should you find something on-line that suits your fancy, let us look into it for you, check the details, the behind the scenes nitty gritty taking all the hassle and stress out and delivering just the facts for you.

We consider:

  • charter requirements,
  • skipper and crew requirements and details,
  • full boat details and equipment,
  • dinghies and outboards,
  • activities and gear – snorkel gear, dive gear, toys, life jackets, first aid and safety gear,
  • visas,
  • transfers,
  • maps and itineraries,
  • inclusions and exclusions,
  • provisioning,
  • insurance and damage waivers,
  • security deposits,
  • wifi facilities,
  • local tours,
  • payment terms for local items
  • children and safety 

    and handle all your forex payments for you, vat free, from here.

We will ensure you have all the papers you need for the boat when you travel and we are at the end of the phone and email, while you travel.


All charter companies have a built in agents fee, and that is what we earn. No mark up and all discounts are passed directly on to you.

We also buy forex rates for you and guarantee these to be better than std bank rates.

You get all this and the peace of mind and it costs nothing extra.

We only use those suppliers who we know deliver what they promise.